All of our coaching packages are the ultimate bespoke coaching package for you. We implement evidence-based training and nutrition protocols, working around your goals and individual needs. While providing you with a community full of guidance and support to ensure you get a fully premium coaching package. Encouraging you to truly grow and be the best version of you.

Bikini WBFF
Womens Physique Coach

fit coaching

Fit Coaching is bespoke coaching for those looking to take their training and physique to the next level. Those looking for structure, support and education around your training and nutrition. This coaching package provides ultimate support from your coach 7 days a week, weekly check-ins, community Facebook page, app access with exercise video demonstrations & progress tracking, your custom periodised training plan in 6-week blocks and your macronutrients calculated for you. Each check-in we work with your biofeedback and make changes if needed to progress you. We work with you in order to see the best possible results.

Contest prep

You have been training for at least two years, you are committed, you are disciplined, you have a good relationship with food and your body image. You are ready to level up. Contest prep isn't easy, in most cases, you will need a solid foundation season. It is essential that training and nutrition is already a habit and a part of your life before beginning a comp prep. 1 hour Zoom consult is required before starting a contest prep with EMbody.

WBFF Bikini Competition
Womens Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition coaching

This is for you if you are looking to create sustainable lifestyle habits, create a better relationship with food, improve your mindset and become more active. You can't commit 100% to training or already know what you are doing in the gym but need additional help with your macros and calories. I teach you how to make better choices with your food and how to track.

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