• A book with all things flexible dieting and nutrition. This is great book for beginners to learn about energy balance, macros, calories, how to set and calculate your own macros and how to flexible diet. 
  • What is flexible dieting?
  • Flexible dieting encourages you to stop looking at foods as "good" or "bad". We want to be eating a diet that is full of wholesome and good foods that hit our macronutrient goals but also our micronutirent goals. We also want to be able to fit in treat foods, meals out with friends, social occasions and the foods that make us happy.
  • How do we do this? We aim for a 80% wholefoods approach, meaning we focus on getting in fruits and veg, whole grains, less processed foods, more foods that are higher in fibre and more volume foods that will keep us satiated.
  • We then have room for our treat foods, foods that bring us joy. Social occasions that create happy memories. We consume these guilt free as we know they fit our macro targets.
  • Life is all about balance and creating these healthy habits and good relationships with food. This is the reason flexible dieting works. There are no restrictions.
  • This is how you see results and reach your goals without giving up the foods you love.
  • 20 education pages and seven recipes included

Flexible Dieting Guide