• Pre coaching questions and goal setting
  • Customised training programs periodised in six week training phases on the EMbody app tracking your workouts, progressive overload, measurements and before and after photos. It is highly reccomened you renew every 6 weeks to ensure progressions
  • Exercise video demonstrations
  • Monthly check ins and feedback – I go through your training data to ensure you are on track and make adjustments as needed. You recieve and indepth LOOM video reply that you can watch at your own convience. 
  • Form analysis
  • Daily steps goals
  • Cardio protocols when needed
  • Clients only facebook support group with weekly lives, supportive friends, recipes, tips and tricks - this is our community.
  • Flexible Dieting Guide
  • Coaching Guide
  • MFP How To Guide
  • Em's personal WhatsApp for 7 day support

Customised Six Week Training Plan