"I started my fitness journey clueless I thought running on the treadmill was the only way I could be ‘skinny’ I tried out a few exercises, a few trainers and nothing felt right, I had been following Emma on Instagram for awhile and got so much knowledge from her post. I decided one day to start training with her and it was the best decisions I’ve ever made, I got down to 60kg which was a big milestone for me. Emma provides me with detailed check ins explaining everything with so much depth, she runs through my form videos I send to her each checkin and has improved my form on many exercises ensuring I get the most out of each exercise movement, she has provided me with heaps of examples on how to hit my macros and have a healthy relationship with food having a 80% nutritional food 20% soul foods mindset. I still have long way to go and I’m happy I have a wonderful trainer to help me hit my goals."


"I have done Emma’s rise up challenge, it was very informative, motivational and challenging. She has gotten me to where I want to be, I couldn’t be happier with her and her hard work. I am now signed up for one on one training and can’t wait to see the next steps."


"Emma, is the most kindest & knowledgeable coach ever. I have been with Emma for 7 months now and have seen so much change. I would recommend Emma to everyone, she is so passionate about what she is doing and it shows! I am so grateful for Emma, she has changed my life for the better!"


"Very smart and educated coach who knows exactly what needs to be done and exactly how to execute it. I was not confident at all before signing up with Emma, she has given me the knowledge and confidence to do so much more than I ever thought I could with the lifestyle I have. She is very attentive and approachable and no question is a stupid question. She keeps me on track and I have complete and total trust in her and the process she has in place for me. Highly recommend her."


“Emma has been such a wonderful coach over the past 18 months. The education, skills and knowledge she has passed on has allowed for success in losing fat and building muscle! She teaches sustainable and life long skills that are not just a quick fix, but instead a way to keep fat off whilst still enjoying social events by making the best choices, creating habits and not restricting. Along with this, Emma allows for easy form analysis on technique in the gym, making coaching much more accessible, particularly for someone in a small town!”


"I am so glad to be apart of Team EMBody, Emma has taught me so much in just a short amount of time. My view on achieving my goals has completely changed, I used to think you could only eat super healthy foods or you wouldn’t lose weight. Emma has helped introduce “flexible dieting” into my daily routine and I am OBSESSED. Knowing I can still fit a little chocolate or sweet treat into my day without feeling guilty is amazing. I also love the aspect of “online coaching” knowing you have someone there to support you 24:7 is incredible, I’ve never once felt like Emma has not wanted to speak to me or been to busy to support me. She is fantastic and super knowledgeable. Highly recommend Em and getting on board her team. 💗"


"When I started with Emma I was at a loss with my weight I had done many fad diets where I would loose weight by restricting foods but once it was over as it wasn't sustainable I would gain all my weight back. I have always been to the gym but thought I had to flog myself with cardio to get results. Emma has taught me to love food again not deprive myself tracking and learning about macros. Providing me with a weight program that targets lower and upper body I have finally found my love for the gym again watching my journey becoming more confident in the gym as well as becoming stronger is already a goal for me. I Always thought it would be great to be skinny now I want those curves and my goal is to be fit strong and feel good in my clothes and own skin. Emma has taught me to take my focus off from the scales and focus on my change in my body measurements and how I feel in myself and my clothes. I have a long way to go but I know it is not a quick fix it takes time dedication and life style change to get where I want to be and with Emma's knowledge, encouragement and commitment to me I know I will reach my goal."


"I began working with Emma over a year ago, in that time we have worked towards increasing strength and decreasing body fat. Em has been super supportive and is extremely knowledgeable, always providing education on Facebook and Instagram. She dedicates herself to educating and empowering women by encouraging self appreciation and confidence I could not recommend Emma highly enough!"

"I sought Emma’s professional guidance during some incredibly difficult personal struggles. Em’s capacity to analyse as well as her relentless support immediately gained my complete trust . Even as a complete stranger Em took on the task of guiding me through a recovery phase. Em’s coaching process is undeniably the most significant investment I have ever made. Em works with a tremendous amount of depth, knowledge and insight which all validate her authenticity as an exceptionally professional and committed coach. From the get go Em has continuously adapted my program to ensure it is always accommodates for my circumstances and what is important to my well being. A respect that feels as though she understands me well beyond the brief time she has been in my life. Em truly is an invaluable source of motivation to all her clients."



Let’s throw back to 2019


I was chubby, had lost my identity, smoked, found validation in hookups, chronic pain, zero goals, ate far too many nuggets, drank away my sorrows, didn’t want to continue living and hated every single part of myself, inside and out! 


Now 2021 and I am unrecognisable. My mindset has changed, how I look, but boy how I feel!


I can not put this lightly; training with Em has literally changed my life. 


I have found the woman I was meant to be. I use my determination and stubbornness in the most healthy way. 

Lifting weights became my therapy, stepping into the gym is my ‘kid in a candy shop’ moment. 

I realised how physically strong I was. As a woman it is so empowering to mix with the boys and lift heavy, I love the mind over matter satisfaction.


At first I was hesitant, I still didn’t track like she asked me too. Eating more food was going against everything I had been told as a young adult. 

But I gave in and completely listened to everything Em was telling me and my body composition changed so much. 

I got even stronger, even leaner and my body just bounced back bigger and better than ever.


Deciding to compete was a choice that Em and I made together. 

We had spend time laying down the perfect foundations, good relationship with foods, rest and recovery, making sure my movement patterns and form were good, considering my mental health, stress and even down to how I was performing when it was my time of the month. 

It has been the best experience and challenge in my life so far. 

I have loved every minute of it


Continuing all of this over the past few years stopped being so much about how I looked. 

I mean hey, I look strong and good naked!.

But how I feel inside has become much more important. 

It’s the mindset, it’s the challenge, it’s the blood, sweat and tears!

And I’m so thankful that I was able to meet Em and meet such an inspiring, intelligent, beautiful, caring and strong woman. 

She is my coach, therapist, friend and idol.