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welcome to the embody 12 week funadmentals program

you asked, WE listened

This is for you, if...

  • you are sick of not seeing results
  • you are sick of cookie cutter programming
  • you are not growing muscle or growing in the areas you want
  • you are sick of low calories
  • you are sick of restrictive meal plans
  • you are not losing weight or getting leaner
  • you are sick of being hungry
  • you are sick of missing out on social occasions
  • you have a all or nothing mentality during the week
  • you fall off track on the weekends
  • you keep trying fad diets and yoyo-ing
  • you are sick of doing challenge after challenge
  • you are sick of being 'just a number'
  • online coaching is out of your budget

We get it babe, coaching can be expensive and we want to help you achieve your goals! That is why we have come up with the EMbody 12 week fundamentals program. This is not a challenge, this is not a quick fix, this is not a generic training plan and it is not a generic macro split. We have developed the EMbody 12 week fundamentals program for you, to get you results and to fit in with your budget! During your 12 week fundamentals program, we teach you the fundamentals of evidence based training, nutrition and fat loss.

Unlike all the generic challenges out there, we want to get you lifelong sustainable results. What does this mean? It means our goal is to educate you, create sustainable habits for you while teaching you how to keep your results long term.

We get it babe, we have been there! So have most of EMbody's clients. We want to help and thats why we have created our educational, hands on coaching 12 week fundamentals program.

how is this different from online coaching?

Great question babe! The difference is the level of support. Our "Fit Coaching" "Contest Prep" & "Nutrition Coaching" all involve a very in depth weekly check in delievered via video, Em's personal whats app for 24/7 support, in depth form analysis and you can start at anytime. 

To make this a cheaper cost we excluded the above from the EMbody 12 week fundamentals program. However, we still wanted to make sure we "hold your hand" every step of the way and customise everything for you. This program also only has one intake every 12 weeks.

So, what does the 12 week fundamentals include?

your Training plan

Developed and designed specifically for you and your goals. Areas that you need to work on and bring up. Delivered on our training app with exercises video demonstrations and progress tracking. You can instant message us videos of yourself training to get your form checked.

your nutrition strategy

Customised macros, calculated for you and updated if/when required after weekly check ins. Meal plan included to help get you started. We suggest looking at this as an "example" as we want to teach you how to create your own meal plans to set you up for success.

Weekly education

Em will be going live in your facebook group multiple times per week with educational topics. The goal is to teach you the fundamentals of training, nutrition and fat loss so you can continue to implement evidence based protocols after the 12 weeks.

your girl gang

A Facebook group with like minded, dedicated women smashing their goals, sharing their tips, recipes, gym hacks and ready to help with advice.

Instant messages with your coach

Lets chat babe! I am here for you, everyday! You have instant messenger access to me via the app as well as a girl gang chat on Facebook!

Weely data checks

With everyone being different it is improtant to ensure we keep you progressing. Every week we will track your compliance, performance, nutrition, progressive overload, training, bodyweight, measurements and biofeedback. We will make any changes needed in order to keep your seeing results and to keep your plan sustainable for you!

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