Emma Carr Physique Coach

EMbody coaching was created by our head coach Em, to help women like you embody and envision their success. To help you embrace your vision and realise your full potential and help you build confidence, create sustainable lifestyle habits and set you up for long term results.

Whether your goal is weight loss, body composition, or just to improve your quality of life by fixing your relationship with food and becoming more active EMbody can tailor a plan specifically to suit your goals and lifestyle. At EMbody our goal is to educate you on the fundamentals of nutrition and training while making your plans sustainable for you ensuring long term results.

Personal Trainer Emma Carr
Sports Nutritionist

Fit Coaching

Bespoke coaching for those looking for structure, support and education around your training and nutrition.

WBFF bikini comp

Contest Prep

You have been training for at least two years, you are committed, you are disciplined, you have a good relationship with food and your body image. You are ready to level up.

At EMbody our goal is to build a community of strong, like minded women. We work with women who are committed to their goals and embody their goals and vision. Women who are committed to make a change and put in the work to empower who they are.